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Billing Date Change

Billing Date Adjustment

To better serve customers and the community, City Utilities of Richland Center is adjusting the bill cycle. Beginning in December, the utility will gradually shorten bill cycles until March, when all bills going forward will be due the first of the month.

The intent of the new bill cycle is to better align the utility’s purchase of wholesale energy with the retail sales charged to customers.  This will help minimize the fluctuations in the Power Cost Adjustment Clause line item that appears on monthly bills, while also increasing efficiency in utility operations.

The schedule below outlines bill mailing and due dates over the next few months. Once through the transition period, all meters will be read at the beginning of the month. Bills will be mailed by the 11th and due the first of the next month. ACH customer transactions will take place on the due dates.


Meter Reading

Bill Mailing

Bill Due Date

Oct. 5 - 31

Nov. 24

Dec. 15

Nov. 1 - 30

Dec. 21

Jan. 10

Dec. 1 - Jan. 3

Jan. 18

Feb. 7

Jan. 4 - 1

Feb. 9

Mar. 1

Feb. 1 - 28

Mar. 11

Apr. 1


During this transition, to allow enough days between bills per PSC rules, we have to start billing before current month bills are due.  This could lead to some customers having 2 months show on their bill.  If you paid the amount from the previous month, please disregard the amount due at the top and only pay the CURRENT BILL amount.  Anyone with questions or concerns is encouraged to call 608-647-3844.


Billing Date Change - Letter to Customers